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Spec: Siemens/Fujitsu P4: 2.8G with 512Mb, 120Gb plus DVD and CDRW drives Running with Windows XP-SP3. Has always had Adaptec 29xxx SCSI board. Problem: Will not switch on via “soft” on/off button. When coaxed via make and break of mains supply, will occasionally try booting up – then, various things happen in no particular order. a. Black and white system screen reporting faulty previous shut-down, or b. Reports “Checking hardware config” Then closes, or c. Sometimes, but rarely, gets as far as Windows opening screen showing progress of loading. But never fnishes. Shuts down whole machine after 20-25 seconds. Suspect corrupt BIOS or Directory??? But why?? (Fujitsu suggested faulty M/board - seemed odd). Was fine, but becoming slow up to day before problem. Want to preserve HDD contents - if poss.


Ian W.


Wolverhampton, WV7

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12 Aug 2009 @ 09:40

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Wolverhampton, WV14
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By Ian W. - 21 Aug 09
An excellent service - could probably not have done more. However, as with any repair, I guess the final test will be is the repair still good in 6 months time. Who knows. Many thanks

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