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My laptop (a Hewlett Packard Compaq nx6125) is currently running very slowly. I have tried using system restore which sometimes sorts the problem out but only temporarily. There are a couple of other issues that may be related. First of all the laptop crashes a lot. This mainly happens whilst browsing the internet - particularly when we go on to a website that has animated flash banners or embedded video or audio (myspace pages are guaranteed to do this) the computer will freeze and we have to completely restart it. Also an occasional problem is that the computer refuses to boot up and says something along the lines of "non system disk detected". When this first started happening I did a bit of digging around on the internet and it was suggested to me that the hard disk was in danger of failing so I bought a new disk and installed it. However the problem persisted. Basically when this happens you can restart the computer and the problem will correct itself but it is a little bit annoying (and sometimes the computer needs to be restarted many times before it will eventually reboot). My main question is whether anything can be done about these issues. The laptop was bought round about August and while I am reluctant to buy a new one I understand these things don't last forever.


Simon P.


Leeds, LS16

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13 Apr 2009 @ 19:20

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York, YO30
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